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Llandinabo Farm Shop is located in the picturesque market town of Ledbury in southern Herefordshire in the west of England. In May 2005, on the retirement of its founder, Mr John Miles, it was taken over by the Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing Company (TBMM Co). As our flagship store, the shop sells only meat from pedigree rare and traditional breeds and delicatessen goods from local suppliers of the best quality produce.

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The TBMM Co accredited the shop back in 1999 as one of its approved outlets stocking some meat from rare breeds as part of its offering. Thus local customers have become used to the superior eating quality and the change to 100% rare breeds has been seamless.

We welcome everyone visiting this delightful, picturesque area close to the Malvern Hills and with Eastnor Castle near by with easy access from the M50. In order to widen the opportunity for everyone to try the very best meat available with total traceability, we are extending the chance to almost everyone in Britain through the following pages. Each week we shall list the breed(s) available that week and the following weeks and you can order straight off this site with ease and confidence.

Features on this site:
Almost uniquely, we provide visitors to this site with a host of information on the pedigree rare breeds that we stock and with the various cuts of meat; where they come from, their character and how to get the best out of them. Please take time to learn from this so that we can provide exactly what you want.

You will also find in different sections all the special reasons why the meat from British rare breeds, handled and prepared skilfully, will taste wonderful.

We hope that you find your experience with this site to be helpful and beneficial and would welcome any comments you may have on how we could improve things.


Map showing Ledbury's location in the UK
Town plan of Ledbury (with car parks and public transport)