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The Craft of Good Butchery



MShop Interior (jpg, 15.5k)uch of the eating quality of meat is added by the craft of the butcher in hanging and preparing it properly. We have recruited a top master butcher, Joe Arquati, to run the shop and the mail order business. Joe has a lifetime’s experience in craft butchery and teaching the skills to others and was until recently running the butchery for one of the top shops in London.

Thus all the meat we sell will be fully hung to get the best flavour and tenderness from it. All the meat is carefully prepared so that only the best quality ingredients go into the preparation of mince, sausages, burgers, pies etc. ?light years removed from what happens in the mass market.

Joe is adamant that we shall never cut corners. ?lt;i>I will only sell produce that I’d be happy to feed to my family - and their standards are very exacting.?lt;p class="MAIN"> As the business develops, so more new products will be offered, so do come back and check out progress. Soon, we will be offering prepared meals using only our finest ingredients.

So, for healthy, natural food with total traceability that tastes great AND helps to conserve our rarest breeds, go to our on-line shop.