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ASausagess with everything else we do, we process and make as much of our own produce as is physically possible. Thus our sausages and burgers contain only the finest lean meat (with enough fat to give the best eating experience). We do NOT use any mechanically reclaimed meat or anything else associated with the mass market.

Our sausages are made to our own unique recipes with natural skins and the difference is found on the fork.

Our Ledbury Links are a lighter-flavoured sausage, made with 70% rare breed pork with herbs and spices including nutmeg and ginger to give a fantastic quality eating experience. Available as a chipolata or a large sausage.

Gloucestershire Old Spots are made with 90% GOS pork and are more robust with thyme among the natural flavourings. Every week, we struggle to make enough of these to meet demand. Large sausage only.

Classic Breakfast is a mild sausage made with 70% rare breed pork where the flavourings are more subtle allowing the flavour of the pork to talk for itself. Available as a chipolata or as a large sausage.

Mighty Meaty Traditional Hereford Beef is a beef sausage that rewrites the rules with 70% prime beef and a little pork fat to provide moisture and let the beef flavour stand out. Large sausage only.

The Three Counties Sausage is a beef and pork sausage made with Traditional Hereford beef and Gloucestershire Old Spots pork, flavoured with Worcester sauce. With 80% minimum meat content, the Three Counties is flavoursome without being overpowering. Available as a coiled chipolata only.

From time-to-time, we shall be offering other varieties. If you have a particular need and can order a minimum of 2.5 kgs, we will make a sausage to your requirements. These can include Gluten Free Rare Breed Pork, The Orchard Pig Sausage (Glos Old Spots with Hereford apple), Bangor Bangers (Welsh breed pork with leek), Hereford Hop (Rare Breed pork with local ale) and Merguez (Rare Breed lamb based on the spicy North African classic). If you have your own favourites, please let us know and we will try and recreate them for you using only the finest ingredients.

Our Burgers are all made in house from quality lean beef and lamb and provide a tasty and nutritious meal whether on the barbecue or as a treat for the kids’ supper. Beef Burgers are made from minced prime Rare Breed beef with onions and seasoning. Our Lamb & Mint Burgers use prime minced Rare Breed lamb with mint and seasoning. Both are made with 95% real meat. We do not use the parts of the carcase used in most commercial burgers.

Again, if you can order a minimum of 2.5 kgs for the freezer or for a barbecue or party, we can make burgers to your requirements. These could include Chilli Beef, Apple & Pork, Chicken or Venison Burgers, every one packed full of goodness and delicious. Again, if you have your own favourites, let us know and we’ll make them for you.

Our Bacon is dry-cured on the premises and is as far-removed from the mass-market brine-cured bacon that steams in the pan and exudes a salty slime. Our bacon is made from prime British pork, slowly cured in dry salt so that not only does it taste and smell wonderful, you can cook it to a crisp if that’s the way you like it!

Cheese (jpg, 13.1k)Our Delicatessen Offerings will grow gradually so please do come back and check out this growing section. Already, we offer cooked meats based on our rare breeds and if you order cold roast pork or beef, we will identify the breed when it is delivered. Similarly with gammons and hams (cooked) where you will be bowled over by the quality.

It is our aim to start offering more prepared dishes in due course such as our own pies and patés and ready meals, always based on the finest ingredients and aimed to give you a quality meal at your convenience!

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