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Poultry that is Truly Special



OLlandinabo Chickens (jpg, 12.0k)ur chickens are either quality Free Range or Outdoor Ultra Free Range! One of the directors of the company has established a poultry enterprise on his farm just a few miles away to supply the shop with the ultimate in outdoor poultry. There is cynicism about much poultry labelled Free Range since by habit many such birds remain indoors, never venturing out of the legally-required ‘pop holes’.

The Llandinabo flock lives outside all the time and is never shut up. They grow on wheat and a little maize out of doors in a predator-free compound where they graze and eat insects, worms etc. and grow at their own natural pace. They are larger than conventional Free Range and dressed cockerels can weigh up to 4.5 kgs.

The texture and flavour of the meat will take you back 50 years – to the days when a roast fowl was truly a joy to eat – a family meal to rival anything else going. Have it roasted on Sunday and delight in the cold cuts on Monday. Quite literally, Llandinabo Outdoor Poultry brings a whole new dimension to eating enjoyment.

We also offer Organic poultry from a local supplier.

Our Ducks come from Madgetts Farm, and are superb. We normally only offer Geese and Turkeys at Christmas but if you have a special occasion that you’re planning do let us know your requirements and we will quote you accordingly.


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