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The Delicatessen



ur delicatessen is an area that we’re looking to develop further. It falls into two sections. The Ledbury Pie Shop where we are developing a fantastic range of our own cooked pies and ready meals – all made with rare breed meats and the finest ingredients – and our traditional Delicatessen where we are adding more and more new, locally sourced products that reflect the same level of quality that we expect from the rest of the shop.

Chicken and Ham Pie (jpg, 10.4k)The Ledbury Pie Shop
Come back and check this out as we are adding new products all the time. The range includes a great selection of rare breed steak pies using different complimentary classical ingredients. Our Steak & Ale Pie with Stilton is out of this world. We also have Simply Steak – a pie that’s all prime rare breed beef – Steak & Kidney or Steak & Mushroom. All our pies are filled to the brim with top quality meat – a world away from the mass-produced cardboard, gravy and gristle that you find in most outlets – and come with a light puff pastry top. Using only Free Range Chicken, we also produce some fantastic Chicken pies – Chicken & Ham and Chicken & Mushroom - and our Lamb and Apricot is pretty good too.

We found a list of ingredients for a Herefordshire speciality from times past and through experimentation have recreated the Elizabeth Pasty using pork, pork offal, fruit and spices, in a shortcrust pastry case. It’s become a real favourite and makes a man sized lunch that’s so versatile.

Our Ready Meals range is also under development but you can already order Rare Breed Beef and Mushrooms in Red Wine, Provencale Pork, Indonesian Chicken Curry, a wonderful Bolognaise sauce and Baboti Loaf – a delicious curried meat loaf from South Africa that is spicy and great whether served hot or cold. You can order portions or a whole loaf weighing around 500g.

Traditional FaggotsThe Delicatessen
We offer our own sliced cold roast meats – all rare breed or free range poultry – a selection of British cheeses including Charles Martell’s renowned offerings, (well he is only about 5 miles away from the shop), delicious pâtés, locally smoked fish and a fantastic range of organic dairy produce from nearby Weobley that includes crème fraîche, yoghurts, wonderful creamy butter and more.

And don’t forget your eggs. Our large hen’s eggs are totally Free Range and local and we offer Quail’s eggs too so go on, treat yourself! We also stock Duck eggs too when we can get them.

Made for us by a lady in Cheltenham, we offer a tremendous range of chutneys and pickles that really help to bring out the best in cold meats, cheese, curries etc.

  • Apricot Chutney – A delight with cold lamb, curry or cheese

  • Cheltenham Chutney – A dark, rich fruity chutney that is perfect with cheese and cold meats.

  • Country Chutney – A spicy fruit chutney that is lovely with cold poultry, pork and curries.

  • Love Apple Chutney – The combination of tomatoes and apples will make a Ploughman’s Lunch into something special. Try it with cold pork or ham too.

  • Mandarin Chutney – Very special with curries or even cold Baboti loaf.

  • Tangy Fruit Chutney – Apricot, apple and orange make this a lovely accompaniment to good cold meat or cheese.

  • Pickled Beetroot – Rich, red local beetroot with such a tang!

  • Pickled Eggs – One of life’s mysteries!

  • Pickled Onions – If you’ve made your own you’ll know how much better they are than the factory produced ones.

  • Pickled Shallots – For onions, read crispy crunchy shallots!

  • Pickled Red Cabbage – Great with cold game and other meats.

  • Apple Sauce – The purest ingredients to complement rare breed pork.

  • Cranberry Sauce – A must with turkey and pretty good with game too.

  • Horseradish Sauce – Brings tears to the eyes. Not only for beef but try it with smoked fish too.

  • Mint Jelly – The classic accompaniment to quality lamb

  • Mint Sauce – However you like your mint, we’ve got it covered!

Italian Style Meatballs


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