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WSample Certificate (jpg, 12.0k)hat an animal eats during its lifetime will impact on how the meat tastes. Thus, it is important that the diets of farmstock are as natural as possible. During the early days of the BSE crisis it became apparent that many intensively raised cattle were being fed on animal remains bulked up by cardboard and PVC sheathing, among other things. Thankfully, those days should now be behind us. In the UK, most feeding of routine antibiotics has been phased out but some growth promoters are still used. However, due to extremely poor controls over food labelling, you have little or no guarantee in being able to trace the source of much of the meat available in the mass market. According to the Meat and Livestock Commission (MLC), a government quango, 85% of pork and bacon used in catering (schools, hospitals, canteens) and hotels and restaurants, originates from overseas where there are lesser welfare standards and feed controls than are allowed in the UK. Bacon can be labelled ‘British?just because it is packaged in this country!

All the meat that we sell comes not only from British farmers but almost all from local farmers all of whom we know, guaranteeing low Food Miles. Furthermore, the TBMM Co have a unique certification system that covers all their Accredited Butchers that identifies every carcass of a rare breed animal being sold through each outlet. These are on display in the shop and we will send a copy or copies with every mail order consignment guaranteeing the origin and traceability of the animal and how and where it was farmed